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Whenever Kevin Johnson and his wife Sheri stroll through their charming home town, they often stop for coffee and dessert at a cozy cafe. It’s a tradition for Kevin and Sheri, who often meet friends there, chat and soak in the laughter of children and passersby as they shop. Kevin’s heritage of honoring family and embracing the homeland was forged in this quaint town. It’s architecture, history and founders are key to the principles he holds dear today. The traditions of home and family values he’s nurtured over the years are as solid as the brick buildings he’s admired since childhood.

Although he’s traveled far and near, Kevin has deep bonds with the Ohio heartland, where home cooking and church socials were the norm. In his world, Dad’s word was gospel and an allowance had to be earned — in his case, scraping the wax off the kitchen linoleum for a penny per tile. Days were spent bike riding till dusk, Mom was the queen of the PTA and every kid in the neighborhood showed up at the Johnson household, miraculously, at meal time. A whiff of Mrs. Johnson’s carrot cake was all it took.

Heartfelt Principles

The ethics his family instilled were simple but powerful: Respect your parents, honor your faith and above all else, place family first. Kevin has never left the heartland because all that’s worth having is right here. The rolling farmland of the Miami Valley, the woods he walked in and the baseball field where his Dad coached are alive in his memory and just a short drive from home. Rooted in traditions and values he treasures, Kevin found his heart’s content in his own backyard.

That’s not to say that he’s not fascinated with the world. Kevin loves travel, but whether it’s Switzerland, England or the Smoky Mountains, he’s drawn to the small town qualities of village life. It connects him with those gatherings at his local cafe that he loves so much. When walking through a European village or small Southern town, he’s touched by those connections with home — the families at a table having dinner or a couple sharing espresso at a tiny cafe.

Passion for Service

As a real estate professional practicing these values in a small town, Kevin’s greatest joy is helping others find their heart’s content in the Greater Miami Valley. He knows the neighborhoods, schools, churches and family amenities that give the valley its charm. Kevin is also tuned in to the housing market, area values and opportunities. His business skill makes all phases of a move, from initial consultation to closing, a worry-free event.

Kevin’s unique passion and insight into the community allow him to play an integral part in helping his clients reach their personal goals. He has more than 20 years experience as a respected agent in the Greater Miami Valley, and has a wealth of resources that add value to anyone buying or selling a home here.

Business is a Family Affair

Business is also a family affair for Kevin. His team includes his wife and grown children, who support his long-standing success. Clients depend on the consistent service the team delivers and is known for. This has enabled Kevin to help several generations of buyers and sellers in the area. Love of family is apparent in Kevin’s support of Kid’s Club and CitiKidz, inner-city outreach programs that benefit children with nutritional support and foster their spiritual growth through the performing arts.

Making the most of the Greater Miami Valley’s possibilities is more than just a dream, with Kevin Johnson as your ally. His business skill, depth of local knowledge and constancy as a top agent are strengths that a long list of clients appreciate. Call him today. In the Ohio heartland, he offers A Passion for Excellence.

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